"Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers, offering customized products for all skin types, formulated to enhance their quality of life. To that end, we practice a comprehensive dermatology, which combines technical innovation with customer feedback. This mission is summarized in our motto: Listening to your skin. Sesderma listens to people’s skin and, by doing so, listens to people and their needs.”

Our specialised R&D department and global brand coverage have made us market leaders in dermatological products and encourage us to improve continuously, developing new technologies for skin care.

Knowledge: Continuous technological improvement and research. Our DNA is dermatological.

Humanity: People come first. Following the Hippocratic Oath, we put people and their welfare above all else.

Generosity: We are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Sesderma Laboratories were born in 1989 in Spain and have been, until the present day, pioneers in research and dermo-cosmetic innovation. It was one of the first brands to use Glycolic Acid in their products and, in 2010, launched an extraordinary innovation using nanotechnology that allows the transmission of assets through nanometric liposomes with a high penetrating power in the deeper layers of the skin, improving, therefore, its effectiveness.