COSMETICS27 - Huile27 Bio-Nourishing Cell Regenerating Oil
  • COSMETICS27 - Huile27 Bio-Nourishing Cell Regenerating Oil
  • Huile 27 can be mixed with other products from Cosmetics 27
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COSMETICS27 - Huile27 Bio-Nourishing Cell Regenerating Oil


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Nourishing & Soothing Oil

Huile 27

Skin becomes re-balanced, nourished, soft and supple. Infused with regenerative and protective ingredients, your skin becomes more toned. Your skin will feel protected and can stand up to external irritants (pollution, cold, wind, changing conditions). Huile 27 gives your skin a “healthy glow”: your complexion will be revitalised and more luminous. Your body’s skin is silky and sublime, your hair regains its shine and bounce (you can apply it on your hair too).

Huile 27 leaves a delicate natural woody fragrance on your skin.

  • Protecting, anti-ageing, re-balancing effect
  • 7 natural vegetal oils (Oméga 6 & 9) and exclusive oil extract of Centella Asiatica
  • All skin types, recommended for dry and de-nourished
  • 100% natural ingredients – free of paraben, phenoxyethanol, colorant
  • Contains: 50 ml – 2 ½ months treatment

Key ingredients :
Natural oil of Centella Asiatica Macadamia, Sesame, Hibiscus seed, Echium, Souchet, Carthame and Carrot oily extract. Natural woody fragrance.

Cosmetics 27 have created products that are able to respond to the specific needs of all skin types in a targeted manner. All of the products are designed to work together in a synergistic, complementary and modular manner. When mixed together, they help expand the formulas and maximise their effects and results. Read more about Cosmetics 27…