COSMETICS27 - Complex27 R Bio-Restorative Regenerating Serum
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COSMETICS27 - Complex27 R Bio-Restorative Regenerating Serum


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Repairing – Antioxidant – Boosting

Regenerating and restructuring high concentration serum

  • Stimulates and boosts the Collagen and GAG’s synthesis *, the skin regains tonicity, tonicity and firmness
  • Powerful antioxydant, protects effectively against the free radicals and other oxidizing agents
  • All skin types, adapted to more sensitive skin (soothing & appeasing ingredients)
  • 52% active concentration — 95% natural ingredients — no parabens, no mineral oils or derivatives
  • Use: 1 dose morning or evening — To be used as a cure for at least 2 months
  • Airless pump 30mL — 1 month treatment
  • Proven results through clinical and usage tests

Cosmetics 27 have created products that are able to respond to the specific needs of all skin types in a targeted manner. All of the products are designed to work together in a synergistic, complementary and modular manner. When mixed together, they help expand the formulas and maximise their effects and results. Read more about Cosmetics 27…