Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories was established in 1957. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories aim was to turn into the leading professional cosmetics company in Israel, which caters to its clients' every need. And thus, the motto, “You are in good hands with Gigi”, was born. This motto guides Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories to this very day. Credibility, professionalism, innovation and loyalty are Gigi’s secret of success. Today Gigi Cosmetic has an array of over 400 quality products which are divided into two categories, products for the use at the beauty salon and products for the end user. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories dominates over 60% of the professional cosmetic market in Israel, and exports its products worldwide.

All Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories products are based on natural ingredients, are bio-compatible (i.e. formulated with substances equivalent to the skin) and tested under the most prestigious dermatological institutes in the world. Superior production conditions, meticulous quality control and efficacy testing ensure superior products. Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging is used and Gigi products are not tested on animals.

GIGI Product Ranges


An active series combining technological ingredients and natural materials that obtain quick results at the clinic and follow-up treatment at home. The variety of products create an anti-aging complex of maximum moisture, nourishment and treatment for the skin. The innovative, low molecular weight ingredients, act in synergy with the natural processes and create active activity in all the layers of the skin.

Gigi Products

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