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Annie’s Culture has developed special Bio Cellulose facial masks taking advantage of new bio fermentation technology. The structure of Bio Cellulose is extremely delicate. It fits perfectly onto the skin and because its fibres are smaller than the skins pores it can deeply penetrate through to the inner layers. In addition to providing deeper skin care the after sensation is similar to that of experiencing a spa massage.

Annie’s Culture was established in 2006 by Ms. Annie Liew in Jalan Serampang, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Annie’s Culture has grown from a single little outlet to a large bungalow house with a strong and energetic growing team. Annie’s Culture has its very own manufacturing plant and training academy.

Annie’s Culture Facial Masks

Hydrating and soothing mask. Recommended especially after peeling.
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Brightening and anti oxidising mask. Recommended for sensitive skin.
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Annie's Culture