New Rejuvenating Facial Mask, CoolMask Advanced!

New Rejuvenating Facial Mask, CoolMask Advanced!

CoolMask Advanced is a new refreshing and moisturizing facial mask that leaves your skin feeling soft and radiant. CoolMask fluid contains a chamomile extract to soothe the skin and vitamins B7, B12, C and E to support the skin’s natural regeneration processes. Wearing CoolMask only for 10 minutes, you will achieve a fresh and youthful look to your face.

CoolMask is also very well suited for use before and after any aesthetic procedures or treatments. By moisturizing and softening, the mask will prepare your skin for any treatment. The D-panthenol and chamomile in the mask will help to prevent any infections. The cooling effect on the other hand, will significantly reduce the swelling and redness that you may experience after treatments. Regularly used, CoolMask will also help to reduce signs of ageing.

CoolMask is a high-quality product of a Swiss brand, Anteis.

Buy now 2 masks for 30€ or 7 for only 79€