New Bio Cellulose Masks

New Bio Cellulose Masks

Hydrate your skin before summer!

Annie’s Culture has developed special Bio Cellulose facial masks taking advantage of new bio fermentation technology. The structure of Bio Cellulose is extremely delicate. It fits perfectly onto the skin and because its fibres are smaller than the skins pores it can deeply penetrate through to the inner layers. In addition to providing deeper skin care the after sensation is similar to that of experiencing a spa massage.

With the new Bio Fermentation Technology, The Bio Cellulose Mask easily soothes, brightens and hydrates the skin, giving a radiant, supple appearance after 20 minutes. When applied it forms a protective membrane that carries the beneficial ingredients contained in powerful serums into the skin more effectively compared to traditional paper masks.

  • Bio Cellulose Material – Produced by Bio-Fermentation of Coconut water
  • Masks form a barrier between the pores and the air – the skin heats up, the pores open and the serum penetrates
  • The closeness of the fibrils make a more effective barrier between the skin and the air. As a result of the increased air pressure, the serum penetrates 50% deeper than conventional masks
  • The fibrils are narrower than the skins pores so they sit into the pores, the mask sits closer to the skin and the serum on the underside of the fibres transfers more easily
  • This same barrier allows the inside of the mask to stay moist even if the outside starts to dry resulting in increased hydrating capability
  • The combination of the above factors will give hydration of two to three times that of conventional masks
  • The micro fibrils sitting inside the pores move with the face giving a massaging sensation similar to that experienced after a spa facial treatment

Annie’s Culture Facial Masks;

Hydrating and soothing mask. Recommended especially after peeling.
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Brightening and anti oxidising mask. Recommended for sensitive skin.
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