Make Yourself Amazing (Mya Ltd) is a company specializing in aesthetic skin care products. We have a long co-operation with dermatologists and plastic surgeons alike so that we are able to provide the best products and product lines for different skin needs. Our product ranges cover for different ages and skin types. All the products are made by using the latest scientific research and in the customer’s best interests. We are constantly looking for new products around the world in order to provide more of these high-quality products.

Modern aesthetic skin care aims to improve the quality of the skin, increasing its vitality, slow down the development of ageing and postpone any surgical procedures. When an aesthetic treatment or an operation is carried out, the best results are achieved by combining different methods. Before and after any treatment, it is necessary and important to make a treatment plan. This ensures the recovery process is in place, even before anything has been started. Our product ranges include products that will prepare the skin and tissues for any treatment, to be used either at home or at the beautician.

Light chemical peels, that regenerate the skin surface, are often combined with collagen synthesis increasing mesotherapy treatments. The advantage of these new peels is that the results are achieved without visible skin scaling and recovery time. The skin’s moisture balance and its condition are maintained with personalized home care programs. On our website you will find suitable products to support your treatment.

We value a comprehensive customer service, and therefore you can always ask us for an expert advice through our link; Ask An Expert.