VOE SLIM Anti-cellulite Slimming Pants
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VOE SLIM Anti-cellulite Slimming Pants


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Slimming and cellulite reducing pants

Voe Slimming pants are made of flexible material, which is a mix of spandex and nylon.
This material consists of thousands of microcapsules containing active ingredients (eg. caffeine, retinol, vitamins A and E, ceramides and aloe vera). These active ingredients are gradually released during the use and will improve your skin’s blood circulation, as well as solidify and moisturize the skin.

Delivery time 1 - 2 weeks.

Active ingredients:

  • Caffeine- Activates blood circulation and promotes burning of fat and reduces cellulite
  • Retinol and Vitamin A – Intensify collagen formation
  • Ceramides – Skin firming effect
  • Vitamin E – Acts as an antioxidant , anti-ageing effect
  • Aloe Vera – moisturizing , skin irritation reducing effect

Effective slimming effect :

  • Up to 2 inches off your hip circumference!
  • Orange peel skin markedly reduced!
  • Users have discovered significant slimming

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