EMANI V2 Blush Brush
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EMANI V2 Blush Brush

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Vegan Makeup Brush

Emani V2 Blush Brush

We’ve all seen it before! Blush that looks like a red streak of paint across someone’s cheek. It’s neither flattering nor natural-looking, and it’s easily avoided with a few makeup application tips and the right tools for the job. In order to apply blush that looks natural, blended, and beautiful, you need high-quality makeup as well as the right brush to put it on.

The Emani V2 Blush Brush is a must-have addition to your makeup kit for perfect blush application every time. Say goodbye to unnatural, streaky color, and say hello to organic colour that blends perfectly into your face.

Featuring ultra-soft, non-irritating bristles, the Emani V2 Blush Brush glides smoothly across the cheeks, leaving behind just the right amount of blush. Perfectly paired with Emani crushed and loose brush, this brush blends makeup into the skin for a natural look and glowing radiance with the perfect amount of colour.

Recommended Skin Types
The Emani V2 Blush Brush is recommended for all skin types and works best with Emani Pressed Blush and Emani Crushed Blush.