Resveraderm Antiox Liposomal Serum SESDERMA
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Resveraderm Antiox Liposomal Serum SESDERMA


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Resveraderm serum acts as a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against environmental aggressions like stress, tiredness, sun rays… and repairs it at night, correcting the wrinkles. 30 ml

It’s the serum that thousands of people trust! If you’re looking for an extra shot of wellness for your skin, Resveraderm Liposomal Serum is what you’re looking for. A powerful antioxidant cocktail with Resveratrol, coming from grape, that restores vitality and elasticity to your skin.

Moreover, its formula uses the latest technology: it transports active ingredients encapsulated in liposomes to the deeper skin layers to repair and protect the skin against oxidative damage and to slow down aging, something that guarantees both safety and effectiveness.

It’s perfect for those people who want to protect their skin from environmental aggressions during the day and repair it at night correcting wrinkles, loss of tonicity and luminosity. Its dense texture nourishes the skin.